List of Five Best Adventures to Try in Dubai

Dubai is the best destination if you want to enjoy your holiday with an amazing experience. It is one of the most popular places because of its beauty and aesthetics. You will also get a mind-blowing adventure experience here. 

It has something for everyone, starting from beaches, ports, and adventures. This article will discuss some of the best adventure experiences in Dubai that everyone should enjoy. Go through the list, and don’t forget to add these adventures to your journey. 

List of 5 Best Adventures in Dubai

If you want to make your Dubai trip unforgettable, do not skip these adventures on your list. Let’s know more about the Dubai adventures in the list below:

1. Dune Bashing

It is one of the most popular adventures to enjoy in Dubai. Dune bashing has no age limits. From three years of age, anyone can enjoy it. So, you should definitely enjoy it with your family. This adventure uses a vehicle named Hummer. You can get this adventure experience in the Arabian Desert in Dubai. Charges for this ride are around 180 AED.

2. Skydiving

Skydiving is one of the most well-known and thrilling adventure rides in Dubai. Skydiving is a common adventure but gives an everlasting adventure experience. It processes in the way that you need to jump from an approximate height of 4000 meters. You will enjoy views of Burj Khalifa and all from its top. It costs around 1350 AED.

3. Scuba Diving

If you want to enjoy underwater adventure, scuba diving is for you. It is a common adventure that can be found in many places. But scuba diving in Dubai gives a wonderful experience. You can dive into the water to 12 meters deep. Also, you can view amazing marine species underwater. You don’t need to worry about safety as you will be given safety belts, and experts will guide you with the adventure. Charges for this ride are 315 AED

4. Flyboarding

It is also known as Hydroflying. Have you ever thought about how flying over water will feel? If not, try Flyboarding once in your life, and you will surely enjoy it. With the use of a water propulsion device, you can enjoy the Dubai landscape at a speed of 40 km per hour. This adventure is perfect during the winter season. It costs around 270 AED

5. Sand Boarding

It is an adventure that is done in the mid of a sandy desert. Sandboarding is somewhat similar to snowboarding. Here, you need to slide and move on to the sand of the sandy desert. But this adventure is only available for people above 13 years of age. The price for sandboarding is around 180 AED


If you are visiting Dubai anytime, do not hesitate to add this to your experience once in your life. The list mentioned above provides an excellent adventure experience and great entertainment for visitors here. It is advisable that you should not miss these adventures at all as this is the perfect destination for adventure sports.